About Us

We are a team of forestry professionals and researchers, scientists in natural sciences, biologists, environmental engineers, Agro-forestry Society (SAF) of Marche, Tronto and Monti Azzurri, Trade Associations (CIA Ancona) and consortia of local forestry companies (Consorzio Marche Verdi) and we are trying to prove to you that forests certified according to the Sustainable Forest Management are able to store a greater share of Carbon, contributing to climate change mitigation; to prevent natural and environmental risks such as forest fires, hydrogeological instability, soil erosion, etc.; to protect biodiversity and landscape; to offer tourist and recreational attractionsand forest products and by-products, together with culture, traditions and work for qualified forest workers.

Consorzio Marche Verdi S.c.a.f.
SAF Monti Azzurri
SAF Tronto
D.R.E.Am. Italia Soc. Coop. 
PEFC Italia Association 
C.U.R.S.A. University Consortium for Socio-economic Research and the Environment 
Pro.Mo.Ter. Soc. Coop. 
Italian Farmers Confederation - C.I.A. Provinciale di Ancona